Today I was sitting in class and an idea popped up in my head. Sometimes I don’t act on these ideas that come out of nowhere but today’s idea was particularly ravishing.

My brain was telling me to make a blog.

Lately I’ve really enjoyed writing. I’ve been especially writing to my family members and my love bug. You know, the old fashioned way of communication. It just seems more personal and special when you hand write something and mail it.

To be exact, I got the idea of blogging while sitting in an art gallery today. I’m an art student and go to school at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Recently I’ve been trying to come up with an idea of how to remember my life’s memories when I am eighty years old. (Hopefully I live to be eighty or even longer if I’m lucky). My Memere (french for grandma) has dementia and recently she has moved in with my family. She’s ninety two years young and just can’t live by herself anymore. But, don’t get me wrong, she’s a strong woman and would whoop your ass if she had to. It’s just time for her to be with family and not be alone, especially with dementia. Slowly over the past five years (maybe longer) my memere has been forgetting more and more. And honestly, it’s one of the most heartbreaking things you could watch over time. Especially when I’m on break from school and I take care of her, it gets quite depressing. Sometimes you just want to break down and cry when you have to tell her for the fifth time that day that her parents and sister are dead and no longer with us. Some days are better than others. Just got to stay positive and be there for her.

To get back on track here, I made this blog so that I can put down in words almost everyday what I’m feeling, how my day went, and what I did that day. So, someday I can look back and read everything that I’ve done and gone through. No matter if it’s good or bad. I just want to be able to remember my life. Even if it’s only for a moment when I’m older.

And whoever is reading this can come along on my journey with me.

Oh, and here’s an image of me.


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