Yesterday wasn’t much of a day at all. Except the weather was absolutely beautiful. Good old seventy one degrees Fahrenheit here.

One of the good things that happened yesterday was my love bug came to see me. He’s here all weekend with me and whenever he comes I get so excited. I miss him a whole lot during the week. He’s sitting at my desk while I’m typing this right now.

Three more days until it’s our two years of being in a relationship together. I love him more than I feel like I could ever put into words on here or ever. We met in high school. It was my freshman year and his sophomore but we were both in the same math class together. He had a different girlfriend at the time and I had a boyfriend too. But, I always secretly liked him. I remember giving him relationship advice to him to help him with his girlfriend. I look back now and think “no stop, just be with me” because I know if we dated back then we would still be together. He’s literally my better half and truly my best friend.

I know I’m only twenty one but you just know deep down in yourself when it’s right. And my love bug is more than right.

But anyways, I drank more highballs last night than I usually do. I just felt like being free last night and that’s exactly what I did. Thank god for my love bug because he always takes care of me. And then I miraculously woke up this morning without a hangover. I never get a hangover.


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