Today we went down to the ocean. It was another beautiful warm day in Boston so there is no other good way to spend your day then by the harbor. My roommate came with my love bug and I. And her name on my blogs will be sea fox. The reason why she’s named sea fox is because she’s addicted to foxes and the ocean. Plus my love bug called her that when she emerged from the water. (If I could I would put a laughing emoji face here).

We met the cutest Boston terrier named Milo and his owner today. His owner was literally the nicest man you could ever have the pleasure to speak to. And Milo is #24 in the world of dock diving dogs. Definitely an extremely gorgeous dog too.

Someday, when my love bug and I have our own place, I want our first baby to be a French bulldog. They’re my most favorite dog in the whole entire world. And possibly if it’s a boy, I’ll name it stitch. I’m low key obsessed with the movie Lilo and Stitch.

Here’s a picture of the harbor today.

It’s time to go have some drinks now…




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