Two Years.

Today is a very special day. My love bug and I have been together for two years now.

It all begun in high school, we had math class together. I was only a freshman and he was a sophomore. We were friends at the time but we both had other significant others. I still can’t believe it but I would give him relationship advice when we were just friends. Even when we were just friends I did not like his girlfriend. She’s quite a bitch. And never treated him right.

Four years later my love bug contacts me after not talking for a long time. At first it was just small talk, not even any flirting. And then after a while he asked me to hangout with him. However, I was going through a tough time in my life during that time so I kept saying no. (I’ll talk about that time in my life someday on here). So, after the fifth or sixth time of me saying no, he called me and somehow when I heard his voice again my heart skipped a beat. I forced myself to go out with him after that.

And I’m so glad I did.

Our first date was absolutely perfect. We went ice skating and then went bowling till almost one in the morning. I still remember the outfit he was wearing. He made me feel safe and secure and this is someone I hadn’t seen in years or even talked to.

The next date, I invited him over to my house and we made cookies. I remember cleaning the house earlier that day to get ready for him to come over. I cleaned the kitchen spotless and I had to go outside for a quick second and I managed to lock my self out of the house. All I had on was pajamas and slippers and it was a really cold day. So, I ended up going to the neighbors and unfortunately they weren’t home but they had some people working on their house, so I was lucky enough to use one of their cell phones.

But to get back on track, we had a really amazing night that night and we had our first kiss. Believe it or not but I made the first move. My love bug was quite surprised. That first kiss was amazing and I knew right when we kissed that I loved him. It was a feeling I had never felt before.

So, we ended up hanging out again the next night which happens to be February twenty eighth, twenty fifteen and he asked me to officially be his girlfriend. I still can’t believe that was already two years ago.

I’m the luckiest girl in the world. He treats me like I’m the only girl in the world and he would do absolutely anything for me. And trust me the feeling is mutual. I would do anything for him if it made him happy. There isn’t one day that goes by that I don’t feel loved and happy. And if you knew what happened to me just a year before we started dating than you would know that I wouldn’t have thought true love was real.

I just want every woman to know that you can find love and that one person that will treat you right. Don’t let any man treat you wrong or abuse you. All women are strong. It may take you a while to find that special someone but please don’t lose hope or settle. Settling is never the answer.


Growing Up.

More and more I’ve been feeling like I’m being forced to grow up. I know I’m twenty one years old but these should be my fun years. When I was eighteen I had a big changing point in my life. I’m still the person I used to be but there is definitely a part missing from me.

I always feel the pressure but today I’m feeling it a little more than usual.

Sea Fox.

Today we went down to the ocean. It was another beautiful warm day in Boston so there is no other good way to spend your day then by the harbor. My roommate came with my love bug and I. And her name on my blogs will be sea fox. The reason why she’s named sea fox is because she’s addicted to foxes and the ocean. Plus my love bug called her that when she emerged from the water. (If I could I would put a laughing emoji face here).

We met the cutest Boston terrier named Milo and his owner today. His owner was literally the nicest man you could ever have the pleasure to speak to. And Milo is #24 in the world of dock diving dogs. Definitely an extremely gorgeous dog too.

Someday, when my love bug and I have our own place, I want our first baby to be a French bulldog. They’re my most favorite dog in the whole entire world. And possibly if it’s a boy, I’ll name it stitch. I’m low key obsessed with the movie Lilo and Stitch.

Here’s a picture of the harbor today.

It’s time to go have some drinks now…



Ginger Ale.

Yesterday wasn’t much of a day at all. Except the weather was absolutely beautiful. Good old seventy one degrees Fahrenheit here.

One of the good things that happened yesterday was my love bug came to see me. He’s here all weekend with me and whenever he comes I get so excited. I miss him a whole lot during the week. He’s sitting at my desk while I’m typing this right now.

Three more days until it’s our two years of being in a relationship together. I love him more than I feel like I could ever put into words on here or ever. We met in high school. It was my freshman year and his sophomore but we were both in the same math class together. He had a different girlfriend at the time and I had a boyfriend too. But, I always secretly liked him. I remember giving him relationship advice to him to help him with his girlfriend. I look back now and think “no stop, just be with me” because I know if we dated back then we would still be together. He’s literally my better half and truly my best friend.

I know I’m only twenty one but you just know deep down in yourself when it’s right. And my love bug is more than right.

But anyways, I drank more highballs last night than I usually do. I just felt like being free last night and that’s exactly what I did. Thank god for my love bug because he always takes care of me. And then I miraculously woke up this morning without a hangover. I never get a hangover.


Why can’t all art be happy and fun like unicorns?

Today while sitting in the art gallery (I won’t say which one) I was thinking to myself, why does it seem like all newer art is sad? Every single piece in that art gallery was depressing. There was not one that I thought was happy. Sure there was extremely good work in there but nothing to put a smile on your face.

Art school teaches you to always have a meaning behind your art work. Literally teachers will ask you, “why did you paint the sky blue? What is the meaning behind it?” I always mentally role my eyes when this occurs.


Most of my art work is fun and hopefully would put a smile on your face. I believe that kind of artwork is the best. I understand that some artists want to get a point across with their artwork but it seems like that’s all there ever is anymore. At least for contemporary art these days. I don’t think I’ve ever been to one gallery that has happy go lucky art in it.

Just felt like venting that out to the world.

I hope to keep making happy art. I’m sure once in a while I’ll make a piece that isn’t full happiness because it’s nice to get that anger out. However, it can’t be healthy to constantly be thinking about how my art piece can be full of hatred. Or to even just keep making art full of hate.

For all of you who don’t know me, I am going to art school to become an art teacher. Specifically an elementary school art teacher. I’m hoping to bring happiness to the kids I teach and lots and lots of positive vibes. I want my classroom to be an escape from any horrors in their life or just life in general. Now with that said I want my students to be able to make any kind of art that they want. No matter the meaning behind it. My classroom will be whatever they want it to be.

Art is free expression and that’s how it always should be.

Maybe someday I will post some of my art.



First time for everything.

Today I was sitting in class and an idea popped up in my head. Sometimes I don’t act on these ideas that come out of nowhere but today’s idea was particularly ravishing.

My brain was telling me to make a blog.

Lately I’ve really enjoyed writing. I’ve been especially writing to my family members and my love bug. You know, the old fashioned way of communication. It just seems more personal and special when you hand write something and mail it.

To be exact, I got the idea of blogging while sitting in an art gallery today. I’m an art student and go to school at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Recently I’ve been trying to come up with an idea of how to remember my life’s memories when I am eighty years old. (Hopefully I live to be eighty or even longer if I’m lucky). My Memere (french for grandma) has dementia and recently she has moved in with my family. She’s ninety two years young and just can’t live by herself anymore. But, don’t get me wrong, she’s a strong woman and would whoop your ass if she had to. It’s just time for her to be with family and not be alone, especially with dementia. Slowly over the past five years (maybe longer) my memere has been forgetting more and more. And honestly, it’s one of the most heartbreaking things you could watch over time. Especially when I’m on break from school and I take care of her, it gets quite depressing. Sometimes you just want to break down and cry when you have to tell her for the fifth time that day that her parents and sister are dead and no longer with us. Some days are better than others. Just got to stay positive and be there for her.

To get back on track here, I made this blog so that I can put down in words almost everyday what I’m feeling, how my day went, and what I did that day. So, someday I can look back and read everything that I’ve done and gone through. No matter if it’s good or bad. I just want to be able to remember my life. Even if it’s only for a moment when I’m older.

And whoever is reading this can come along on my journey with me.

Oh, and here’s an image of me.